Management Team - About Us.

Land Use Research, Regulation Alignment, and Strategic Planning

Analysis of Zoning Regulations, Legislation, Community and Master Plans, and Community Support

  • -Assessment of impact of development proposals and resultant analysis of state and federal laws, and renderings
    -Technical writing including legislative analysis, negotiation strategy, and community testimony
    -Resource organization, communication design, legislative research

Principal Consulting Partner-

Leila Mahlin

proven experience including:
-Research, data analysis, and report compilation
-Creating and updating Strategic Plans
-Staff supervision, mentoring, and education
-Outreach to local & regional, political & social advocates
-Leading focus groups, survey design and critical analysis
-Presentations to boards of directors, county councils, and others
-COAD Volunteer PPE Coordinator, Howard County, MD
-ER Tagalong™ Product Developer (
- BA Goucher College
- MBA Loyola University, MD
- MAT Johns Hopkins University

"The earth is what we all have in common." -Wendell Berry